Radish — cross-platform desktop client designed exclusively for Redis

Explore and manage your data using GUI or execute arbitrary commands — all in one app 0.9 Alpha

Manage connections

Connect to local instances and servers hosted in the cloud.


Explore Redis data structures with a user-friendly GUI.

Execute commands

Unleash full potential of Redis with commands and transactions.

Made for your operation system

We designed this application to look good on all supported platforms. This means you can access your Redis servers from Windows, macOS and Linux.

  • Windows 0.9 Alpha
  • macOS 0.9 Alpha
  • Linux 0.9 Alpha
Get free license

Get free trial license

We offer a free trial period of 6 months while our product is still in alpha version. Sign up and we will send the license to your email. Or you can just download and try it for free.

What our users said about Radish project

Try Radish and give us feedback so we could improve our product. Reach out to us at support@rbmk.io or on GitHub.

" Looks great! Cannot wait to try. "

- Someone on Twitter DEV

" Still in alpha, but it's already good. "

- me CTO